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Travis Tindell


Travis Tindell is a filmmaker, director, cinematographer, editor, and photographer. His work can be seen around the world but he and his wife call Oklahoma City home.


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Posted: 4/23/18

It's hard to keep up with the ever-expanding list of local breweries serving up liquid gold in this town. Whittling down a few favorites seems like being forced to pick a favorite child or choose between tacos and pizza. What I love about the brewery scene in OKC is how different they all are. Depending on the mood, time of day, sunshine or twisters, there's a joint for everyone and there's also a cool way to visit all of them. There's a few more coming this year that I'm stoked about (Vanessa House, Angry Scotsman, Elk Valley). Oh, and bring on those new liquor laws! But here's my favorites now.