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My Favorite Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants

Posted: 12/15/17
Do you want to see true fear in the eyes of an Oklahoman? Tell him you’re a vegetarian. True, vegetarianism is slowly making its way into mainstream Oklahoma restaurants, but anyone who has eaten a plant-based diet knows the frustration of being stuck asking for a salad *without the chicken or bacon vinaigrette* and paying $10 for a plate of lettuce and shredded carrots. These are just a few of my favorite places to get a substantial, delicious meal without freaking out your meat-eating friends. There’s plenty for everyone at these restaurants. Enjoy!


6475 Avondale Drive Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116 | 405-841-2665

This place is like salad heaven. Any salad can be turned into a wrap, and they’re all really good. I love the Harvest and the Southwest Spicy. The flatbread pizzas are pretty great too, my fave is definitely the Skinny. Or just get creative and do your own thing. It’s hard to go wrong with all those fresh ingredients.

quinoa tacos

Picasso Cafe

3009 Paseo Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 73103 | 405-602-2002

These guys have an entire vegetarian section with incredible variety! From quinoa tacos and pesto-mushroom pasta all the way to Frito-chili pie and chicken-fried portobello mushrooms, Picasso is a great place to take that special vegetarian in your life. Bonus - once a month, they also do a special multi-course vegetarian dinner!   website

loaded bowl mac

The Loaded Bowl

1211 SW 2nd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73108 | 405-820-9599

A vegan restaurant and food truck?! Yes please. Loaded Bowl has some of the best mac and cheese in town. And you should take that statement seriously. I basically live for mac and cheese. Even better? Their brick and mortar site has a bakery, bar, and you can even buy a giant tub of cashew cheese to take home and pour over everything!  website

elemental banh mi

Elemental Coffee

815 N Hudson Avenue Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102 | 405-633-1703

Not just incredible coffee anymore, Elemental is one of my go-to spots for lunch. The Smokie Dokie and the Sweet Jesus are two of my favorites, but honestly I’ve yet to try something that I didn’t like there. Bonus - the baked goods are amazing, especially the sea salt chocolate chip cookies Pair it with a pour-over and you have a perfect meal.  website

bbq portobello

Back Door Barbecue

315 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 | 405-525-7427

Barbecue places don’t often make it on vegetarian lists, but Back Door is one of my faves because you can substitute a well-seasoned, juicy portobello mushroom for any meat on the menu. And the fried pickled okra is out of this world.  website