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OKC Saturdays With a Toddler

Posted: 2/12/18

Life can look a little different exploring the city with a toddler, so we tend to gravitate towards local, family-friendly environments that make this community feel even more like home. Here are a few places around OKC that we like to share with our little.

Cafe Kacao

Café Kacao

3325 N Classen Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 | 405-602-2883 

Café Kacao is hands-down our favorite place to eat in this city. Sean tends to go for the sweet stuff - that Lechera sauce will set you free - and I usually order a more traditional Latin plate. Whatever we order, we have never been disappointed! This place is a pretty popular eat among the locals (give us ALL THE GUATEMALAN FOOD), so on weekend mornings you can typically expect a wait. Pro tip: use the "Nowait" app to score a spot in line on your way there!  website

Commonplace Bookstore

Commonplace Bookstore

1325 N Walker Avenue, No. 138, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 | 405-534-4540 

Commonplace's Saturday morning "Storytime for Littles" is our happy-place. The staff is so thoughtful in making the bookstore a place for everyone. Creating conversation, cultivating friendship, and challenging our children to be the best humans they can be - this place is truly a gem. And word on the street is that The Kitchen at Commonplace will be opening soon!  website

Okay Yeah Co. 

Okay Yeah Co. (This location has closed)

705 W Sheridan Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 | 405-748-0718 

Okay Yeah has all the dreamy vibes of a rustic coffee shop + plant shoppe lovechild. Delicious espresso drinks, homemade hand tarts (Strawberry Cactus Pear is a personal favorite of ours), and open space for Townes to roam, this shop is our favorite family-friendly stop to get our caffeine fix recharge for the rest of the day. And all the parents said, "Amen!"

Cuppies and Joe

Cuppies and Joe

727 NW 23rd StreetOklahoma City, OK 73103 | 405-528-2122 

Our last stop before heading back home for a nap is usually Cuppies. Just a quick pop-in to let Townes get his last few wiggles out and split a Sassafrass cupcake (and maybe even sneak a second one home for myself). This spot feels so homey, and the staff is as friendly as can be. Sean & I have been enjoying Cuppies for years - we took engagement photos here, had a bridal shower here, AND took first-anniversary photos here - so it is a ton of fun to make new memories here with our son.