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Favorite Places to Dig for Vinyl Gold

Posted: 1/22/18

Know the difference between 120 gram versus 150 gram? Does the smell of vinyl give you goosebumps? Love digging for vinyl treasures? Tulsa has a great selection of places to throw elbows on Record Store Day!

Blue Moon Discs

Blue Moon Discs

2606 S. Sheridan Road, Ste ETulsa, OK 74129 | 918-742-3474 

Warren has been curating vinyl for years in his small shop. I love digging through the bins of old records to find something to add to my collection. While his selection of new records is small, his place is a great way to hit Record Store Day without all the madness. Don't forget to scope out his collection of vintage posters for sale, plus I've scored a couple vintage turntables for a steal there!  website

Starship Records & Tapes

Starship Records & Tapes

1241 S Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74104 | 918-583-0638 

For the biggest selection of new vinyl, I shop Starship Records & Tapes. I can stock up on all my hippie goods and get a vinyl fix. While Record Store Day here is not for the weak, I usually hit this spot in the afternoon that holiday. Surprisingly, I still manage to score excellent records because they stock up. But I will never forget the cashier's face the day I brought four of The White Stripes' and one Beck 45 to the register after rummaging through their stock on a random afternoon. Talk about serendipity!  website

Josey Records

Honorable Mention: Josey Records

1020 SRockford Street #B, Tulsa, OK 74120 | 918-398-6588 

Josey Records is new to town and taking all my extra money! But I keep thanking them! While they were founded in Dallas, followed by a second store in Kansas City, the Tulsa store certainly doesn't feel like a chain store. Since opening in Tulsa this year, Josey Records has already become a Tulsa staple for vinyl addicts like me. While not entirely "locally owned," they are locally managed by Tulsans who are actively involved in the local music and downtown scenes. They often book local musicians live in-store, and do an annual vinyl sampler comprised of all local music. Josey Records is the kind of place I am on a first name basis with the manager who often messages me pics of vinyl he knows I would love. Let's not even discuss how they keep enabling my Harry Nilsson addiction! Ask for Josh and he will take care of all your listening needs.  website