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Art Supporting Businesses

Posted: 1/15/17

Oklahoma City’s art community is strong thanks to so many great artists, art organizations, galleries and studios. However, there are many local businesses that have nothing to do with the arts, yet go out of their way to support artists in their own unique ways. As an artist, it’s amazing to have these types of businesses we can count on whether it’s in art-related work or just our day to day needs. There are too many to list, but here are a few I frequent often, and would love to see supported back for their passion for the arts!



415 N Broadway Avenue #101, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 | 405-757-7001

Verbode is a real estate group, based in downtown Oklahoma City. Residential real estate really has no direct tie to the arts, yet Verbode hosts regular art shows in their office space during Automobile Alley’s Shop Hop event. I’ve had the pleasure to exhibit my artwork, and they go above and beyond to invite their clients, colleagues and friends to attend. They even invite the artist to speak at their weekly meeting to allow the realtors and staff the opportunity to learn about the artist’s work. Verbode also has a passion for the historic neighborhoods and districts where I live and spend much of my time. Working with Verbode as an artist, I’ve been able to refer others to use Verbode for their residential real estate needs and friends are always thankful I referred them to such a great realtor.  website

budget box bag

Budget Box and Bag

2721 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73112 | 405-842-7487

I have been shipping my artwork with Budget Box and Bag for many years. I can always trust they take special care to package my artwork safely, and it’s always enjoyable talking about my art when I come in. One particular day, the manager was giving me various options for shipping a painting, when he told me I could go to FedEx and save a few bucks on the shipping. He mentioned he just wanted artists to have the opportunity to make the most they can off their sales because he appreciates their work. I traded the few dollars saved to support a local business that truly cares about their customers and artists!  website


Toothbrusher’s Dental

4534 NW 50th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73122 | 405-789-6935

Ask an artist in town where they go to the dentist, and you’ll most likely hear “Toothbrusher’s Dental.” Dr. Guilford has a great reputation for supporting the arts, and it shows on the walls of the office! They host regular art shows, which gives their patients local artwork to view and supports artists at the same time. Recently, they hosted art from the neighborhood elementary school, and even held an opening reception for the students. It can be challenging for artists to afford dental insurance, but Toothbrusher’s offers a membership program that makes dental care more attainable without insurance.  website

Urban Teahouse

Urban Teahouse

519 NW 23rd Street #107, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 | 405-606-7005

Artists need a quiet place to work, write, meet and think. Urban Teahouse is lovely place which regularly displays local artwork. They also sell handmade teapots, and the assortment of wonderful teas is unrivaled in the city. You’re likely to spot artists meeting or working here, as the atmosphere is warm, comfortable and inviting for all creative types. My favorite tea at Urban Teahouse is Blood Orange, and they also carry my newest obsession on tap, Big Oak Kombucha.

sublime signs

Sublime Signs

912 N Flood Avenue, Norman, OK 73069 | 405-364-1700

The Norman art community, known for its many art festival and events, has a hero in the form of Sublime Signs. Sublime supports many art causes through donated print and signage materials. Over the years, I’ve run many ideas by them, and they have yet to say “We can’t do that.” Sublime goes out of the way to make projects happen, and happen fast. When picking up orders, it’s always a joy to talk to them about their latest creative projects. I’m thankful to have such a reliable printer who supports the arts that is just a phone call away!  website

goss cpa

Goss CPA

12813 Twisted Oak Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73120 | 405-841-1099

Taxes could easily be the furthest thing from an artist’s mind. Goss CPA is a full-service firm that can help artists feel confident in the financial side of the business. Whether an artist is fully self-employed, partially employed and partially self-employed, or even an arts related for-profit business, Goss understands the many unique circumstances artists face. I’ve been using them for many years, and am always confident my taxes are in the best hands.  website