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Vintage Shopping in Tulsa


Vintage Shopping in Tulsa

Because I co-own and run a vintage shop, I am asked every day where I find the pieces for the shop and for my home. My business partner and I used to be offended and shy with our response, protecting our trade secrets and not talking about our "competitors."

But let's be honest, we LOVE vintage shopping and we LOVE Tulsa. We came to an important conclusion–survival of our type of small business relies on all of the many ways a person can vintage shop. People who enjoy vintage shopping come in a variety of personality types–some of us prefer to push our sleeves up and get dirty, others like estate sales where they can traipse through homes, many prefer a neatly arranged antique store, and some of us (ME!) adore all these vintage hunting methods.

The more we celebrate one another and recommend other shops, the more easily our customers will find what they are looking for. Vintage shops change every day, almost hourly, with what they have in stock, so it's really nice for customers to have help finding resources for their specific needs. We want to support the vintage shopping lifestyle, because it's so fun and rewarding. Plus a home decorated with vintage pieces is a home filled with meaning and great stories. We think this ultimately makes for better people, but that's a longer story.

That's my take on vintage shopping, and here is my business partner (Ashley Palmer) and my blog series on our personal favorite places to shop vintage in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Curated Vintage Shops 
Thrift Stores
Antique Malls
Estate Sales
Consignment Shops
Flea Markets

Ashley Daly co-owns Retro Den, a home store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that buys, sells, and trades vintage home goods and furniture. Also find locally crafted homewares, as well as air-plants and regionally grown succulents. Everything you need to make your home a place that gives you energy and joy. Follow them on Instagram at @retrodentulsa.

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