Get Rewarded For Eating, Shopping and Playing Local

Small Town Takeover


There’s just something about driving through small towns in Oklahoma that gives you a whole new appreciation for this state. We live in a place where we can experience an exploding downtown and still be able to get that small-town America feel less than an hour away.

On my last Keep It Local Instagram takeover, I was able to experience three of these small Oklahoma towns in a totally new-to-me way. I took a drive North and stopped by Guthrie, Stillwater, and Enid to see why these small towns make us anything but a flyover state.

Hoboken Coffee RoastersThere’s a charm that comes from being in a town with fewer than 12,000 residents (Guthrie comes in at 11,492). The small size is great for city or suburb-dwellers like myself. Guthrie is the perfect escape for when you don’t want to drive too far, but need a break from the hurry of OKC or Edmond. A place that I find myself often is Hoboken Coffee Roasters. It’s a relaxed space ideal for getting lost in a book or just enjoying the sounds of Thelonious Monk on their record player. Go on a roasting day and it’s the perfect place to engage all of your senses. 

Stillwater is a town that holds fond memories for a lot of people, myself included. Stillwater has a magic that can only be found in a college town, but it’s far more than Eskimo Joes and Cowboy’s games. There are plenty of local shops that support locally made products, so the local love comes full circle. 1907 Meat Co. is one of those places. I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest meat eater, but I’d 100% shop or eat at 1907. I think it’s important (and also cool, in a nerdy way) to know where your food is coming from and who’s making it. It’s fresher, better for you, and since local food reduces the need for transportation, eating locally is good for the environment, too! Wins all around. Pistols firing! 

The Felt BirdEnid was the only small town on this takeover I’d never been to before. Beyond the slightly longer drive (which is good for deep thinking and also singing out loud to Justin Timberlake), this small town has its own tiny treasures, a lot of which can be found at The Felt Bird. I’m always so excited to see shops like this, because to me, they’re a representation of how a town is growing. I wanted to leave that store with so many things (from dreamy dresses to dog bandanas). It reminded me why it’s important to shop small. The people behind the stores are worth supporting.

While I only visited three small towns, Oklahoma has plenty more. They’re perfect for a weekend trip, even if that just means exploring the shelves of an antique store to see what makes you laugh or think. Take the drive. Go to a small town. See what really makes Oklahoma unique.

Natalie is the Creative Lead at Keep It Local OK. She loves puppies and matcha. Follow @keepitlocalok on Instagram to catch her district takeovers or follow her at @natalierayh.