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Oklahoma Wildflowers


Oklahoma Wildflowers by Ashley Daly

Every summer I look forward to growing wildflowers in my backyard. Developing my gardening and landscaping philosophies has been a long, enjoyable process for me. I really believe in planting things that flourish in their environment with very little care. Maybe because I am lazy. Maybe because it feels more natural. For sure because growing native plants is an excellent predictor of gardening success. 

My favorite thing to grow in my Oklahoma backyard garden is wildflowers. They take very little watering and they grow like crazy, especially when you clip them often. This is the dream of an interior stylist who loves to have fresh blooms in her home. 

It's late summer now and too late to plant wildflower seeds because of the heat, so you should find a friend with a wildflower garden and ask for some flowers. AND you should also ask that friend what their favorite flowers are and which grow best. I've been walking around my neighborhood noticing which plants are thriving, which direction they face, and how much light they get, so I can plan my flowerbeds for next year. It's time to take notes and ask questions so you can have allllll the flowers next year.

If you want to make a plan for next summer, here's my trusty starter guide to planting an Oklahoma wildflower garden.

Ashley Daly co-owns Retro Den, a home store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that buys, sells, and trades vintage home goods and furniture. Also find locally crafted homewares, as well as air-plants and regionally grown succulents. Everything you need to make your home a place that gives you energy and joy. Follow them on Instagram at @retrodentulsa

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