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#keepitlocaler: Home Improvement


#Keepitlocaler: Home Improvement by Kristen Vails Gilpin

Home improvement supplies could really be a big way to make a shift-to-local impact within our budget, but I admit this is an area where we have trouble keeping it local. For us, this goes beyond just home improvement as we also purchase supplies for art projects and my husband’s business on a regular basis.

In an effort to explore how we can do better, I’ve done a little research on some possible alternatives to Lowe’s, Home Depot or Ace Hardware, which is where we are mostly purchasing these supplies currently. So, the below local businesses are not necessarily recommendations as we have not been customers at all, but I’m hoping this list will help us try out some new businesses.

Whitton Supply Co.
While specializing in power tools, they appear to have a great selection of general tools and hardware. They even have a repair center for tools as well! I’m glad I came across it, we definitely need to go check it out. Unfortunately, they are not open on Saturday or Sunday which could make it difficult for weekend projects.

The Light Bulb Store
I have heard of this store through my local loving friend Allison Barta Bailey. With light bulbs lasting longer and longer, and along the way the prices rising, it might be time to think of purchasing light bulbs as an intentional stop rather than just picking them up when at a big box store. I’ve heard they have every light bulb you can imagine, specialty bulbs as well as lighting fixtures. Not open on weekends.

The Lumber Shed
Locally owned lumber yard offering lumber, siding, decking and hardware, in business since 1936!

Fox Building Supply
Specializing in Lumber Products, Insulation, Siding, Roofing, Windows, Doors, Fencing and Decking Material, Plumbing and Electrical Supplies, Hand and Power Tools And More! Open on Saturdays as well.

Builders Warehouse
Kitchen, Bathroom, Flooring, Interior doors, tile and more. Open on  Saturdays and Sundays as well.

CD Faucet & Parts
Our kitchen sink handle broke off, and we couldn’t find the part in stores or online. We just bought a whole new faucet set, I wish I would have checked here!

TLCMarcum's, PreCurePam’s Plants
There nurseries are a must when it comes to garden projects. They have everything you need and huge greenhouses with quality plants, many of which are grown in their nursery. Pam’s plants has less of a selection, but it’s close to my home and I can always get the basics (including pumpkins right now!)

Ted’s Appliance
I couldn’t find a local resource for new appliance stores, but I did purchase my dryer from Ted’s and it’s lasted several years!

Hopefully you might be able to try out some of these businesses too! I would love your feedback if so. I would also love to hear your recommendations for businesses I missed to add to my list!


Home Improvement Notes:

What does shopping more local mean for a millenial(ish) couple who are striving to have a more minimal lifestyle when it comes to material things?
Most purchases for home improvement needs are rooted in fixing what we already have and taking care of our current material things. While there is certainly alot of extra stuff you can purchase in a big box home improvement store, visiting some of these more specialized store could help curb the desire to pick up a few extra things you didn’t plan for.

What is the feasibility of a commitment to shop local for those that do not have much flexibility or resources? For the single mom, the family living paycheck to paycheck, the person without access to reliable transportation?
When it comes to home improvement, the convenience of a big box store definitely wins out in this context. I don’t believe there are enough local options to make shopping local in this area a true alternative.

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