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#keepitlocaler: Clothing


#keepitlocaler: Clothing by Kristen Vails Gilpin

I’m not much of a shopper when it comes to clothing. I typically purchase only something I specifically need -- a dress for an event, athletic shoes, a work jacket that goes with everything. I’m pretty practical when it comes to clothing and how much I buy, so this allows me to be more strategic about where I shop. Here are a few examples of strategic shopping where I was able to #keepitlocaler.

Shop Good
This summer I was specifically looking for a hat to wear on a vacation, and Shop Good came through. They’ve got a wonderful selection of accessories, t-shirts and hoodies. What’s better? Your t-shirt purchases support a good cause.

Blue Seven / Just OK
I purchase a pair of raw denim jeans every other year. I don’t formally participate in the Clean Start Project, but I do my own version. Spending a decent amount on quality jeans is definitely worth the investment. They keep their shape and I rarely wash them (my husband blogged about this here), which makes getting dressed so much easier. My 2 year old jeans literally busted last night. Time for another visit! They’ve also got a great selection of casual clothing, shoes and accessories.

Red Coyote Running and Fitness 
I’ve just gotten back into running this year, so after I’d kept the habit long enough to justify new shoes, I went to Red Coyote. New shoes were way overdue. The staff was super helpful and gave me informed advice that catered to my specific running style. They’ve got a thorough selection of shoes and brands along with clothing and accessories for every level of runner.

Fruition Designs
I’d been on the hunt for a new work computer bag for several months. I’d been using a tote bag not meant for a laptop for 2 years, and my coworker was growing tired of my over-dramatic exclamation that this bag is ruining my life. I hadn’t planned on going in to Fruition to find a bag, but they had the perfect size leather bag for only $100. Even better, the Carry 117 bag was handmade by women in Ethiopia and my purchase supported their work. The store also carries home goods, artwork and gifts from talented artisans.

I picked up some simple black sandals and a swim coverup this summer.

The Black Scintilla
I found a lovely blouse for work.

Admittedly, the biggest challenge I have for local clothes shopping is finding my age/work appropriate clothing. I feel like a majority of boutiques cater to younger audiences and there isn’t much selection when it comes to finding work clothing that fits my style. I’m a regular at Nordstrom Rack, Modcloth and Name Brand Clothing, but I always try and hit up boutiques to see if I can find what I need there first. Also, my husband and I are pretty active outdoors. We’ve loved going to Native Summit, but it’s so far from our home. We’d love to have more options for outdoor clothing to purchase locally. So, I’ve found the best way to go about it is to mix it up, save my big purchases for local shops and just do what I can. Remember, the shift is about moving just a percentage, not the whole nine yards. I don’t have much advice when it comes to men’s shopping. My husband pretty much only wears t-shirts from his old store and local artist friends. I’d love to hear your recommendations on local men’s shopping!

Clothing Notes:

What does shopping more local mean for a millenial(ish) couple who are striving to have a more minimal lifestyle when it comes to material things?
Planning to purchase only what you need, but being able to invest in a higher-quality products is an excellent way to limit an overflowing closet. Planning to purchase these items from a local shop is even better.

What is the feasibility of a commitment to shop local for those that do not have much flexibility or resources?
For the single mom, the family living paycheck to paycheck, the person without access to reliable transportation? Local thrift stores are probably the best way for those who don’t have much in the way of resources to shop locally.

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