Get Rewarded For Eating, Shopping and Playing Local

Do What You Can to Support Small Local Businesses


Support Small Local Businesses // Do What You Can // Keep It Local OK

How To Support Small Local Businesses During The COVID-19 Outbreak 

  • If you’re sick, stay home. Period. 
  • Shop local online. 
  • Stock up on coffee beans from your favorite local roaster, loose-leaf tea from your favorite local shop, beer from your favorite local brewer, local produce, local snacks, etc. so you can enjoy them at home.
  • Order takeout from a local restaurant/cafe or use a food delivery service.
  • Buy gift cards/gift certificates now that you know you’ll use later or give them as gifts. (Birthdays and anniversaries have not been cancelled.)
  • Cancel Reschedule appointments/reservations that you will miss.
  • Tip generously when you can.
  • Share social media posts from local businesses with your friends/family.